Mother's Day...


Dear Mama,

Mother’s Day comes with a wide range of emotions, from excitement and celebration… to dread, guilt, and grief. Mother’s Day is arguably the only holiday that appeals to everyone’s emotions, causes one to reflect, and warrants a response of some sort… regardless of race, gender, income, background, or even religious beliefs.

On this single day, some will joyfully reflect on their own mother. Others are thankful to be a mother. Some will feel the pain of not having a mother. While still others feel the anguish of not being a mother. I tell ya, for a holiday to inflict such a response, shows the power of the ones behind it.

Mamas, we matter.

Not only do we matter, but we are built for this.

On those days where you may not see it, believe it, feel it, or understand it… just know, you are built for this. Single mom, step-mom, foster-mom, working mom, stay-home mom… you are built for this. Tired mom, frustrated mom, helpless mom, depleted mom… you are built for this. The load may seem heavy, and at times unbearable. Days may seem foggy, and your calling questionable. But always remember, you are built for this.

You lack nothing.

You matter.

So on this holiday, whether our loved ones hit the mark or miss it, I pray blessings and peace over you. I pray the truth of God’s Word encompasses you. And I pray that you embrace the beauty of God’s design for motherhood… and that you celebrate!

Keli ReeseComment